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  • cablecolor-logo

    "At Cable Color telephony is crucial and both eXpand and the support they provide are key to our business. We used to manage many Asterisk PBX, now we have everything integrated into a unique system." Masson Aldana, IT director
    Cable Color | HONDURAS
  • cable_plus

    "eXpand solves real business problems. It is simple to use and gives us freedom to manage it ourselves; if we need more agents we can enable them without extra charge. We lowered our costs since we outsourced our call center service but without losing control. We now have complete access, without limitations, including the monitoring of our support service in real time, regardless of who provides it or from where. Another differentia the support provided by eXpand." Cr. Daniel Gago, Gerente General
    Cable Plus | URUGUAY
  • montecable

    "The eXpand implementation was fast and worked well with a quick and efficient response to unexpected issues. The system gives us the flexibility to upload different campaigns in different Call Centers, generate reports and make the proper monitoring of them , which is key to our business. We can also automate sales processes and customer service while saving costs. The support service has been attentive to our needs 24x7. Finally, we emphasize that eXpand is committed to adding features, which will surely provide new opportunities to better serve our customers and increase the productivity of our employees. We are very pleased with our decision." José J. Obes, Gerente General
    Montecable | URUGUAY
  • netgate-logo

    "After we installed eXpand, we were able to size and organise our staff, gaining an efficiency we would had never imagined. Since we are also able to monitor all of our activity, we can make decisions in the moment which allow us to improve our customer service." Natalia Pouso, Supervisor de Call Center
    Netgate | URUGUAY
  • tcc-logo

    "Having many channels to contact our customers made it difficult for us to unify and manage the information. eXpand allowed us to integrate everything: branches, management tools and reports. This gives us the possibility to work with higher levels of efficiency, which means better customer service." Martín Da Silva, Gerente de IT
  • univisa

    "Our transactions in Quito and Guayaquil are crucial to our business, and therefore we doubted if we could substitute our traditional PBX. After consulting with many customers that use eXpand, we decided. We gained in flexibility and functionalities but with a lower cost." Jaime Pérez Azúa, Gerente General
    Univisa | ECUADOR
  • fedpat

    "Choosing eXpand was the result of our need to manage our customer service channels according to the new requirements of the market. With eXpand not only did we found the provider that covered most of our needs, but also the one that did it under the best cost-benefit ratio.

    The implementation was quick, transparent and without any inconvenience. The eXpand technical team worked together with our IT, telephony, IT Audit, Call Center and Infrastructure teams to carry out the process.

    In addition to that, eXpand allows us to adapt our operation in real time using the same graphic interface, without the need of any intervention from the supplier's staff. This independence resulted in savings of licensing and / or delays in management.

    Therefore, I recommend eXpand to those who need to manage a Call Center independently."
    Sergio Apicella, Encargado de CRM y Centro de Contacto
    Federación Patronal Seguros | ARGENTINA
  • sura-logo

    "Our companies are governed by high corporate standards. In order to install eXpand in our offices, they had to comply with all of the requirements from our headquarters." Ec. Gonzalo Falcone, Gerente General
  • portoservicios

    "After months of important surveys, we chose the solution that we understood was more complete in order to manage our communication system. eXpand combines the latest technology with an excellent management system, which allows us to receive the necessary information online in order to solve operative issues that may arise from time to time. We are very pleased with the choice we made." Dr. Néstor Gutiérrez, Director
    Porto Servicios | URUGUAY
  • scotiabank

    "They got our PBX to connect with eXpand so that we can use their features in our credit card authorization headquarters. Now we can have access to reports and metrics that we did not have before, therefore improving our service."
    Scotiabank | URUGUAY
  • seguros_beta

    "After a thorough analysis of available solutions both in Colombia as well as overseas, we chose eXpand because it allows us to follow up the activities with internal and external clients, help us to communicate without interruptions due to the redundancy of its system and contributes to the online supervision of all of the customer service provided by our company. For us, it is a robuts solution that integrates high quality technologies." David Salas, Asesor de Gerencia
    Seguros Beta | COLOMBIA
  • secom

    "Antes de eXpand teníamos una central telefónica y un sistema de call center independientes; era complicado acceder a la información y los costos eran elevados. eXpand integra todo en una sola solución con menores gastos e inversiones. El retorno es muy rápido ya que resuelve temas de todos los días; como es simple de usar podemos administrarlo nosotros mismos lo que nos permitió ahorrar costos y tiempos, por ejemplo podemos acceder a los reportes desde cualquier parte, agregar agentes o supervisores sin importar donde trabajen o grabar llamadas sin cargos extra. El servicio de soporte está pendiente de nuestras necesidades y disponible 24x7." Cr. Leonardo Bello, Gerente General
  • vida-logo

    "eXpand allows us to control all of our organization and to reduce costs, even so that the investment is redeemed in short time. We are also able to manage all of our Call Center online, even with operators that work remotely. The best thing about eXpand is how simple the platform is and how we can manage everything ourselves without depending on a technician. It is also worth mentioning that the growth is accomplished without inconveniences or excessive investments.

    The Dialer became the soul of our ISO 9001 Quality System. We are able to survey the 100% of our services daily and automatically. The representatives from the quality organization were surprised with such an effective system."
    Ing. Josemaría Gonzalez MBA, CEO
    Vida Servicio de Compañía | URUGUAY
  • carvajal

    "Our business demands a high level of client service; we used our PBX to provide it but we needed a more flexible solution, with professional call center features and less costs.
    eXpand was able to solve that with lower costs; calls still go through our PBX and are transferred to eXpand where we implemented our Help Desk service; now we can control in real time the service that we provide and have access to metrics, recordings and monitoring from everywhere."
    Sr. Enrique Gómez, Director México D.F.
    Carvajal Tecnología y Servicios | MEXICO
  • rua

    "We found in eXpand an effective answer to our needs. The change from our Legacy system to eXpand took only three days, and in the meantime we were able to work. Through their platform, we can monitor all of our operations, with ratios and real time reports, which help us guarantee our services. Due to eXpand we can provide more ease and transparency to our clients." Diego Sayanes, Gerente General
    RUA Asistencia | URUGUAY
  • guamatur

    "Moving to our new facilities was the chance to improve our communication system with our customers, and eXpand was the best choice for both practicality and costs. The Multichannel Contact Center solution allows us to control all incoming calls and to monitor the communication of our vendors to improve sensitive areas within the company. Access to reports allows us to obtain information that we previously could not get." Julio Minetti, Director
    Guamatur | URUGUAY
  • jetmar

    "Yesterday we had a meeting with eXpand representatives. I asked them for help with some statistics, critical indexes and reporting features. We ended the meeting at 5 PM and by 7:30 PM we received an email confirming some of the topics that were discussed before. It is a real pleasure to work like this, with so much efficiency." María Noel Urrestarazú, Gerente General
    Jetmar Viajes | URUGUAY
  • lesamis

    "Choosing eXpand responded to our need to manage our sales channel and passenger services in a more efficient way through a PBX which allows us to access metrics that suits our requirements. The implementation experience was great, having full support from everyone at eXpand, which not only showed suitability but also an excellent predisposition. This is a powerful tool that provides all the information needed in order to make decisions, that being the only challenge for those who choose it. I only have positive comments to make and therefore recommend eXpand to any company that wants to manage a call center." Lic. Gonzalo Polanco, Gerente Comercial
    Les Amis Viajes | ARGENTINA
  • ucu

    "We chose eXpand due to its flexibility, which we needed in order to migrate to our new open technology. They were able to connect our Legacy PBX to eXand, which allows us to manage our new technology expansion step by step. We gradually added remote offices and locations in our urban campus without inconveniencies. eXpand can be scaled and it is suited to manage growth and surpass proprietary solutions." Ing. Omar Paganini, Vicerrector de Gestión Económica y Desarrollo
    Universidad Católica del Uruguay | URUGUAY