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Automatic Speech Recognition and Keyword Spotting

Imagine how useful it can be when managing a call center to know that the person who is calling is John Smith, that he is “angry” and that he has just mentioned the word “competitors”. Or for a bank to be able to use the voice print to verify the identity of its customers.

Automatic Speech Recognition and Keyword Spotting

When using this service, a machine decodes the customer voice and automatically responds to the requirements; calls can also be answered by an agent if the customer wants to. This type of development allows companies to gain efficency, image and reduce costs, offering new and wide used solutions by companies such as Telcos, Banks, Insurance, Credit Cards and Call Centers, among others.

eXpand Contact Center set the first massive Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system, automazing the telephone guide services in Uruguay.

Keyword spotting is a technique that allows words to be identified in a recording or in a conversation that is underway.

The ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and KWS (Key Word Spotting) techniques produce excellent results. In the former, audio is converted to text before searching for the required word. In the case of KWS, keywords are detected with no need for a complete transcription of the audio.

Both ASR and KWS require an acoustic model of the language containing its basic sounds, i.e. the relationship between phonemes and audio descriptors.