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Social Networks


Social networks are here to change the way we connect and interact.

Companies need to understand that this is the new way to “take care of my customers”, since new consumers try to avoid communicating via telephone, mail or instant messaging. Instead, they use social networks, and this will turn the traditional customer service system upside down.

eXpand’s social network platform offers companies a mechanism to follow in real time “what is going on in social networks”, and allows them to react when encountering situations in which the company, or any of its products or services, is involved.

For example, if somebody on Twitter mentions that X company renders a bad service, the company will be notified right away, and the tweet will be forwarded to an operator who will address the issue. This will allow the company to contact the affected person and at the same time provides the chance to explain the circumstances to the community.

After incorporating Twitter, we are planning other networks, such as Facebook and Google + to follow.