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Smart Collaboration

In order to gain efficiency, companies are concluding mutual cooperation agreements aimed at achieving operational synergies that will be of advantage to the business.

Call center services where two or more companies offer their human resources to provide service to their clients are examples of situations where eXpand can make a difference between a headache and a “real differential service to their customers”.

The Synergizer works as a sentinel that evaluates in real time the availability of the agents belonging to each company and decides to which company it should send a call awaiting answer.

To illustrate how it works, let us consider the case of three organizations, A, B and C, that decide to collaborate in order to extend their customer care services. When a client calls company A, and if at that time no agents from A are available, the Synergizer will decide to which company (B or C) it will send the call.

The Synergizer’s intelligence can be modified on demand by the client. This makes it possible to implement very sophisticated cooperation mechanisms that can be adjusted to changing business requirements.

The Synergizer’s potential is boosted even more when it is combined with the Event Scheduler; in this way you can program the specific behavior of your eXpand while you benefit from collaborating agreements with other companies.