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Security & Auditing

Security is a subject that companies must consider very seriously, as it constitutes a key factor for the survival of any organization.

When we designed eXpand, we kept this issue at the forefront of our minds as the system records the activity of the whole organization and allows you to extend its features to remote users and vendors.

To this end, we developed a powerful user profile system that will allow you to define the most adequate security framework, setting values for more than fifty options.

To mention just a few examples: the calls answered by the members of a certain team can be listened to by the team’s supervisor, but not by another supervisor, users must enter their PIN in order to make international phone calls, a special code is required to intervene calls, etc.

The different activities users carry out in the system are recorded in the database; these tracks (logs) are very useful when responsibilities must be assigned and they also enable your auditors to carry out their work with the necessary information.

In 2009, eXpand was audited by a prestigious global financial institution considering its own corporative standards and its features in relation to Avaya. The task included, among other features, security aspects, VoiP, Computer to Telephony Integration (CTI), recording, voice mail, real time reports, call pricing and IVR.