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Mobility & BYOD

Nowadays, mobility is a key differentiation factor for companies, and employees tend to work remotely more and more or do so with a wider range of devices.

eXpand allows you to implement your call center with remote operators or to outsource it to third parties, always keeping control of the service. Your sales force can visit clients and at the same time they can stay connected to their extensions through their mobile phone or tablet in order to be always available.

This and other features are possible as your employees, operators or vendors can work from anywhere using different devices, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

They are also able to bring their own devices (BYOD) to access, check and use eXpand, whether they use IP phones, analog phones, soft phones, Skype, mobiles, PDAs or even iPads, all of which are supported by our solution in a transparent and simple way, in a web environment that assures that the information used is not stored in each device.

Both mobility and BYOD must be paired with security mechanisms, which allow features to be extended to remote users without taking risks.