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Implement and manage IP telephone exchanges, making it possible to integrate employees speaking different languages, as it is a multi-language solution.

You can replace your traditional exchange (Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Nec, Siemens) with eXpand PBX, saving money and gaining flexibility and functionality. Moreover, it allows you to manage, control and measure your company’s calls, no matter how many branches or employees are involved.

By using its web interface, clients can manage medium and large organizations, both centralized and distributed, in an easy and practical way. It also allows you to set up voicemail boxes, link messages to your e-mail and define conference rooms (number, access code, etc.).

Our product enables distributed companies to be integrated on the Internet; you can also add new branches swiftly as it offers the scalability needed to grow without worries.


Any kind of telephone, whether it is an IP phone, an analog phone or a soft phone is supported.