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Integration with Web Services

Have you considered how useful it can be for call center operators to know the name of the clients they are talking to? Or to know if they are dealing with customers in arrears? Or to have the list of the services the customer has contracted? This information would allow the operator to give the client a more personalized service, among innumerable other advantages.

Have you estimated the possible impact on the company if the system itself were in charge of answering simple inquiries, such as an account balance, or the time scheduled for a visit to the doctor? This improves the customer care service, and at the same time reduces costs and frees agents to carry out other tasks more relevant to the organization.

These and other applications can be achieved using CTI (Computer to Telephony Integration), a technology that allows you to link your telephony system to external systems (CRM, ERP and databases).

CTI marks the difference between a telephone answering system and a real communication tool that allows you to get the very most out of a company’s communications, with the consequential increase in performance and profits.

eXpand achieves this goal by supplying a collection of public APIs that include a list of SOAP web services.
By making use of these programming interfaces you can develop complex integration systems to personalize and improve your call center services.