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The event scheduler system is an ingenious mechanism that allows you to plan eXpand’s performance according to criteria you define by means of the web interface.

Criteria can be defined on a one-time basis or in a daily, weekly or monthly fashion.

The Event Scheduler can be used for most of the contact channels integrated into eXpand, boosting the solution’s features and allowing for important business synergies.

It is very useful for call centers, as the supervisor is able to program or activate on-demand a series of actions that will simplify his/her task and allow for improved client service.

Frequently, supervisors have to deal with unforeseen situations, in which the number of operators is insufficient; in these cases the unanswered calls soar and so does customers’ discontent as they abandon their calls without knowing what is going on. With the Event Scheduler, the supervisor can instantly record and activate a message, so that when a client places a call, it will be answered by an explanatory audio message: “Dear Client: currently the cable service in zone X is out of order. All our operators are taking care of requests…” This allows the client to learn about the situation and receive information, even though his/her call went unanswered.

The scheduler system can also be used to program changes in the IVR (IVR) performance, thus creating dynamic care systems based on user defined criteria. For example, in a paid cable service, the operator can inform clients about the new films available on the pay-per-view service.


In more complex situations, where two or more companies are collaborating (Smart Collaboration), the Event Scheduler system can be used to activate or deactivate the collaboration, both in a programmed and in an on-demand fashion.

The Event Scheduler can also be used to program the day-time/night-time operation of your exchange or the activation of special messages (holidays, events, etc.). You can also determine special policies for each of your company’s departments, assigning a distinct welcome message to each one of them, and activating or deactivating it according to each department working hours. Another option is to establish that the extensions of a certain department can be used after working hours only if a certain PIN or authorization code is entered; reports on the use of this PIN can be checked at a later time.