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Campaigns and Agent Scripting


Create and manage your Call Campaigns and supervise your agents via web while they work from any location.

The system allows you to model your business processes, defining appropriate forms for each campaign

The form is a collection of input or output fields, depending on whether they come from an external system (example Excel spreadsheet) or if they are gathered by operators during the campaign.


Each field has its own attributes (date, number, etc.) which are used to check the integrity of the data when it is being imported.

The system makes it possible to import and assign calls to operators in an intelligent way, applying selection criteria to input fields and combining these criteria for one or more fields.


When a client is contacted by an agent, the form is displayed and the system allows the output fields to be completed. These may be predefined (combo or the like) so that the agent only has to choose an option from a list of enabled values for that field, making the process faster and eliminating typing errors.

The supervisor can also assign privileges to certain company staff members, so that they can carry out certain activities during the campaign. For example, specific persons are allowed to access statistics, define forms, import records, access reports and other activities related to the campaign’s development.

At any time, authorized users can generate real time reports that will be created on demand including one or more fields present in the form; these reports can be exported as excel, pdf or text files.


Statistics on the campaign’s progress can be accessed at all times and from any place, as long as the user has the necessary permissions.

<p>eXpand Call Center includes the <a href=Supervisor Panel.

The Supervisor Panel is a web tool that allows agents’ activity to be supervised in real time and from any location; the supervision can be carried out both locally and remotely, even from a cell phone. Thus, to have access to agent status, the status of queues, service ratios, or to intervene calls in real time, all you need is a browser.