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Call Supervision and Whispering to Agents

The Call Center and Campaign’s channels can be complemented by the under way call supervision and whispering to agents functions.

The supervisor selects the call or agent involved using the Supervisor Panel. To listen to a call that is under way or to whisper to an agent who is talking to a client, you just have to enter the transaction code followed by the extension number and the authorizing PIN.

The whispering function is designed so that the supervisor can whisper in the agent’s ear while the agent is in contact with the client and without the latter being aware of this.

When a call is being listened to, the involved extension does not detect what goes on, unless the system is configured to allow this.

When intervening a call, the supervisor can listen to it and can also whisper into the operator’s ear while he or she is talking to the client, without the client being aware of this. This kind of feature is very useful to call center supervisors.