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Call Pricing

This feature allows you to determine the cost of your out-bound calls, according to the tariffs your company has agreed upon with the different telephone service providers.

As the pricing system is integrated into eXpand, it is very easy to access to call records, the parties involved and the costs associated to each one of them.

This module enables you to monitor the expenses involved in the calls made by each department or person working in your company; you can even calculate the cost of a call made to a certain customer.

The system allows you to break each call up into intervals and assign different costs to each one of them, according to the commercial criteria you have defined with the different carriers.

Costs are calculated in real-time and are available for you to evaluate.

The cost of a certain call is obtained multiplying the amount of metering pulses used in a specified call interval by the per pulse rate associated to that interval.

The per pulse rate is calculated considering the call´s destination, the provider used to place the call and the rate agreed upon with that specific provider, which can vary according to the time of the day when the call was made.


Metering Pulses

The metering pulse (also called billing increment) is the unit used to measure the length of a phone communication.

What is a metering pulse equal to?

A metering pulse is equal to a certain number of seconds. Each telecom provider can define the number of seconds that must go by for a metering pulse to be counted.

Does a metering pulse always equal the same number of seconds?

This depends on the commercial strategy of your telecom provider: eXpand offers you the possibility of defining two value ranges for your metering pulse.