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Call Center (ACD)


When using eXpand you manage your Call Center and supervise your agents via web, while they work from any location.

You are also allowed to access reports and export data with no constraints and complete independence.

If you choose to do so, you can integrate employees who speak different languages, as it is a multi-language solution and you can manage medium and large organizations, both centralized and distributed, in a simple and practical way.

For instance, you can have a company headquartered in London that implements a distributed multi-language call center; an agent working in Uruguay can answer a call made by a Spanish client, and an agent living in Miami can answer a call coming from Colombia; at the same time supervisors can control and monitor the organization from anywhere in the world, even if they are travelling.

This module includes the Agent Analysis, a collection of reports and metrics that allow you to assess the performance of each agent, no matter if they work locally or remotely. These reports enable you to know every detail of the activities your operators have been engaged in, during any time interval you define.

eXpand Call Center includes the Supervisor Panel, a web tool that allows agents’ activity to be supervised in real time and from any location; the supervision can be carried out both locally and remotely, even from a cell phone. Thus, to have access to agent status, the situation of queues, service ratios, or to intervene calls in real time, all you need is a browser.