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Agent Web Portal

Have you considered how useful it can be for call center operators to know the name of the clients they are talking to? Or to know if they are dealing with customers in arrears? Or to have the list of the services the customer has contracted?
This information would allow the operator to give the client a more personalized service, among many other advantages.

The most natural way to achieve this is to obtain the information from your management system (CRM/ERP). When this is not possible, eXpand offers a web screen where the agent can immediately visualize the information on the call being answered and other data gathered during the transit through the response system (IVR).

On this screen, the attention queues an agent is assigned to are shown, as well as the agent’s status (logged in, paused or logged out). The screen also allows for status to be altered, which is usually more practical than doing it from a telephone terminal.

Unlike other solutions, this application has no licensing costs nor is it necessary to install any software on the operator’s PC, thus reducing maintenance costs.