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Integrate all your communication channels and unify the contact flow with your clients, employees and suppliers in a single solution.





Management, reporting and monitoring tools are available via a Web interface, enabling you to make immediate decisions and take action no matter where you are, in an unconstrained and independent manner.





Obtain a higher return by automating processes that will allow you to reduce customer care costs, personalize your services and generate new income.





eXpand can substitute traditional products or it can be integrated into your exchange, offering higher flexibility and more functionality with less investment and a lower operating cost.




Take the pulse of your business

eXpand is a software which allows you to visualize, manage and unify all the communications and corporate telephony of your company in a simple way without unnecessary costs.
Suited for organizations that market consumer products or services; it has clients across many Latin American countries in industries such as finance, telecommunications, health, Call Center, BPO, cable companies, insurance, tourism, education, services and retail.


  • Unión Capital AFAP, Uruguay, confía en eXpand

    Unión Capital AFAP, administradora de fondos de ahorro previsional en Uruguay, eligió eXpand para mejorar su servicio de atención y… Read more

  • Nuevo representante de ventas para Bolivia y Paraguay

    eXpand da la bienvenida a ITC Group, nuevo Socio de Negocios para los mercados de Bolivia y Paraguay. La experiencia… Read more


What do our customers say about eXpand?

  • "At Cable Color, telephony is crucial and both eXpand and the support they provide are key to our business. We used to manage many Asterisk PBX, now we have everything integrated into a unique system." Masson Aldana, IT director
    Cable Color (Honduras)
  • "eXpand allows us to control all of our organization and to reduce costs, even so that the investment is redeemed in short time. We are also able to manage all of our Call Center online, even with operators that work remotely. The best thing about eXpand is how simple the platform is and how we can manage everything ourselves without depending on a technician. It is also worth mentioning that the growth is accomplished without inconveniences or excessive investments.

    The Dialer became the soul of our ISO 9001 Quality System. We are able to survey the 100% of our services daily and automatically. The representatives from the quality organization were surprised with such an effective system."
    Ing. Josemaría Gonzalez MBA, CEO
    Vida Servicio de Compañía (Uruguay)
  • "We found in eXpand an effective answer to our needs. The change from our Legacy system to eXpand took only three days, and in the meantime we were able to work. Through their platform, we can monitor all of our operations, with ratios and real time reports, which help us guarantee our services. Due to eXpand we can provide more ease and transparency to our clients." Diego Sayanes, Gerente General
    RUA Asistencia (Uruguay)