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Integrate all your communication channels and unify the contact flow with your clients, employees and suppliers in a single solution.





Management, reporting and monitoring tools are available via a Web interface, enabling you to make immediate decisions and take action no matter where you are, in an unconstrained and independent manner.





Obtain a higher return by automating processes that will allow you to reduce customer care costs, personalize your services and generate new income.





eXpand can substitute traditional products or it can be integrated into your exchange, offering higher flexibility and more functionality with less investment and a lower operating cost.




Take the pulse of your business

eXpand is a software which allows you to visualize, manage and unify all the communications and corporate telephony of your company in a simple way without unnecessary costs.
Suited for organizations that market consumer products or services; it has clients across many Latin American countries in industries such as finance, telecommunications, health, Call Center, BPO, cable companies, insurance, tourism, education, services and retail.


  • Les Amis Viajes, Argentina, suma eXpand a su operativa

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  • Diseñador Web de IVR

    El Diseñador Web de IVR permite que los clientes diseñen, validen e implementen los árboles de atención utilizando simplemente un navegador. Brinda… Read more


What do our customers say about eXpand?

  • "The eXpand implementation was fast and worked well with a quick and efficient response to unexpected issues. The system gives us the flexibility to upload different campaigns in different Call Centers, generate reports and make the proper monitoring of them , which is key to our business. We can also automate sales processes and customer service while saving costs. The support service has been attentive to our needs 24x7. Finally, we emphasize that eXpand is committed to adding features, which will surely provide new opportunities to better serve our customers and increase the productivity of our employees. We are very pleased with our decision." José J. Obes, Gerente General
    Montecable (Uruguay)
  • "Moving to our new facilities was the chance to improve our communication system with our customers, and eXpand was the best choice for both practicality and costs. The Multichannel Contact Center solution allows us to control all incoming calls and to monitor the communication of our vendors to improve sensitive areas within the company. Access to reports allows us to obtain information that we previously could not get." Julio Minetti, Director
    Guamatur (Uruguay)
  • "After we installed eXpand, we were able to size and organise our staff, gaining an efficiency we would had never imagined. Since we are also able to monitor all of our activity, we can make decisions in the moment which allow us to improve our customer service." Natalia Pouso, Supervisor de Call Center
    Netgate (Uruguay)